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gov2 no sound

 I purchased a gov2 weeks ago,It can't indentified by my computer now,even if it was idetified,it can't make a sound.

Hey dude ,this thing only have 1 year warranty,If nobody answer it for a year,emmmm


Bowen, what version driver are you using? What firmware are you using and are you using an original V2 with the plastic casing? 

Also are you using Windows (what version) or a Mac? 

Hello,thx for your reply,I tried on win10 win7 winxp with every version of driver,I'm pretty sure it is the hardware's problem,and it worked well for the first week I bought it,but one day it just suddenly not work.


It's probably the hardware. Create a ticket and I'll send it over to Matt for a possible RMA. Let us know the following:

When/where you purchased (do you have receipt?)

Versions of Windows

Versions of drivers/firmware used

Matt will probably have some additional questions as well. 

#42562 I bought it on amazon,Audio adviser,


I sent it to Matt for you. Thanks and sorry about that! 

Hello,but still no one answer my ticket,


Sorry about that. To my knowledge, they're very busy over in that division. When more information is available, they'll contact you back. I apologize about that delay. 

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