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GO450v1.5 problems in DoP mode MC23 on (Michael Jackson's Thriller SACD)

Most of my stereo SACD iso are being played perfectly well with JRiver MC23 in DoP mode to GO450 (both ASIO and WASAPI output).
But there is at least one that fails: Michael Jackson's Thriller SACD.

The Billie Jean track is the most exemplifying.
It frequenlty interrupts with some hiccups glitches and fade-in resuming in the beggining of the track.
I have found that this SACD is one of a few with too high peak levels or something.
But the same ISO plays flawlessly when mounted to hardware player Pioneer BDP-450, and play well in MC23 if i disable DSD bitstreaming.
And i'm sure the software player should cope with it not worse.

The DAC i use is Light Harmonics GeekOut 450 (USB) with LHlabs (Thesycon) ASIO drivers.
I tested in on two rigs: Windows 7 Pro64 with MC22 32, and Windows 10 Pro64 with MC23 32, and with different driver versions both ASIO/WASAPI - the same glitches in all configs.

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