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Where to update shipping address for VI Tube DAC

I record an email to update my shipping address and to update my pass word. Please advise as my unit cost $2,000.00 and none of my information has changed you have all my info on record and this is all unnecessary. Please use what is on record. Please advise.

If your information has not changed, then all is well and nothing needs to be done. 

I am not certain how to check for my shipping address for the Vi Tube DAC and Source? Thank you for your help.

I have a ticket open for nearly 3 months:

Open since 83 days 6 hours

#41556 MyBigCommerce site

The website does not list multiple items I have purchased/backed including my ViDAC.
What happened with the google spreadsheet?
Wondering if I can get some help.


Same here, need help.

John Fong, if you need an update, give me your ticket # that includes your full current shipping address and phone number we'll work on these on Monday. 

to be complete:

John Markley

3780 Eagle View Ct

Columbia, MO 65203

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