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GO2PRO SE balanced 3.5mm jack looseness issues

I am having a problem with a looseness in in the balanced 3.5mm Jack on my GO 2 PRO SE.  The pin on my TRRS adapter does not hold stable in the jack  nearly enough and that looseness causes annoying cutouts in both L & R channels of my headphones during playback.  Sometimes the cutouts alternate from Left to right, sometimes the sound drops out entirely.  The connection  only works well, when after fiddling with positioning to get both channels playing normally, I continue to hold the adapter in place with my hands.  As soon as I let go, the cutouts return.

I have an open ticket (#42239) on the problem, but no one from LH Labs customer service has responded to it yet, and this is already the third consecutive ticket I have opened about the matter which has gone completely ignored.  The first 2 other tickets only received automated responses, first to acknowledge the problem, and later to auto-close the case without anyone from Customer Service making the promised attempt to contact me.  

My GO2PRO SE is still under warranty and I am the original owner, so there are no problems on that front.  I just want someone from Customer Service or Tech support to contact me and give me the assistance I need.  This loose fit problem does not appear to be too difficult to resolve, but I need to be given the appropriate form of assistance.  

I hope posting this message here would bring this problem to the attention of the appropriate responsible parties.



Patrick, I escalated your ticket to our Tech team. I cannot give an exact timeline, but they are aware of the issue and it will be available for them to work on. 

Thanks a lot..



It seems this ticket has also  autoclosed, although I am yet to hear a word about it from the Tech team...  What other step should I take to get their attention and the service I need?


I fixed it, Patrick. There's an on-going issue with our auto-close that I *think* I've resolved. I opened your ticket again and put it back into their queue. Sorry about that situation! 

Thanks, Jarek. Your help is really appreciated. 


I'm having the same problem with my GOV2 SE balanced port.

I guess I will have to open a ticket as well

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