Wave Update - 9/19/17


The LHL Asia Trip! (with pictures)


The Geek Wave Q&A #1


These are the latest updates we have on the Wave project! We dive into the ongoing business trip to Asia, and we have a long requested feature - a Q&A session! We hope to regularly do these types of Q&A updates. We'll gather as many questions as I can find, and Larry will answer when we have a good bunch. So make the questions as good as possible! I'll be gathering from various forums and IGG and Facebook. 

We are dropping the Gantt charts for now. I am getting the sense the community is not completely happy with them, and Larry was completely open to dropping them. We may bring them back at a future date, but right now we're testing to see how well the updates are liked without them. 

We will be going to a more real-world, fact based, narrative approach with exact status updates. These have been requested for a long time, and we're working hard to serve you and bring you the information in the best manner possible. If you'd like to see other types of updates, please let us know, and we'll see if we can implement your ideas somehow into future updates!

We do have a couple of more updates on the Wave planned soon. We had them planned for today, but due to logistical reasons and business meetings, we only had time to prepare these two for today's update. We'll try to get the others out as soon as possible for you guys, including an exact status update on the Wave. 

Our next updates will be focused on: Wave, Vi Dac, and Pulse. I have no exact timeline on the Vi Dac and Pulse but Larry and I are trying to make those priority, as soon as we get the Wave update(s) finished. If you'd like questions answered over the Vi Dac or Pulse or others, please let us know somehow and we'll try to make that happen. I do have a list already prepared for the Vi Dac from some members, but we're always looking for more. 

Happy reading and let us know if you have questions, comments or ideas on these updates and future updates! 

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