LH Labs Mission Statement Update - 9/9/17

Hi everyone,

I'm Jarek and I'm the newest member of the Customer Service / Communication team. I have 10 years of Customer Service oriented background, and I'm eager to help out here.

I'm an LH Labs fan and I've got several of their Geek Out products. Larry asked for someone who was well versed in communication and so I volunteered my time and he excitedly accepted. I do live in the midwest and so I'll be helping out remotely in CST. I'm here to help you guys and grease the flow of communication.

I'm well aware of the issues facing the communication aspect between LH and the community. I'm also aware of the Customer Service issues the community has spoken up about. I've addressed at length with Larry the situation, and I'm hopeful we can build ways to help restore confidence in this company and help bring a sense of relief and confidence to the community.

We are exploring options to provide better channels of customer communication. We're also looking to revamp our activity and participation on our Facebook and the LH Forums. I am fully aware that efforts in the past to direct communication to these avenues have not been met with very much success. We hope to change that immediately, and we hope you give us the opportunity to show we're serious. We are going to actively monitor (and respond!) to our Facebook page and our forum. Hopefully in the future we can speak to you guys in other, more immediate ways as well!

Larry and I are going to work extremely hard on timely, accurate updates. We realize how important they are and that you placed your trust in us to deliver a product. You deserve to know what is happening with your money. We hope to be timely and are looking at simplifying the updates as well instead of doing targeted emails (we understand the complaints). Our goal for each is below:

Geek Wave: Bi-weekly (Sundays)

Geek Pulse: Monthly (date tbd)

Vi Dac: Monthly (date tbd)

Geek Source: Monthly (date tbd)

Pulse Analog: Monthly (date tbd)

Please note: there are some theories floating around that the new monthly updates coming from LH Labs are only due to new IGG rules. This isn't true – this was in the works right after I came on board, before the new IGG rules were unveiled. As long as I was employed, this was going to happen regardless. We are actively working on making this project better because we want to and it's what the backers deserve and are demanding. Obviously, we also welcome the new IGG rules for us and all campaigns on the platform.  

Larry, I and the rest of our team know our customers are the most important aspect of our business. Without our customers, we cease to exist. We have a wonderful community and we appreciate you guys, no matter what it has looked like in the past. We realize that things have not gone smoothly in the past in regards to keeping the backers updated and responded to. We're very sorry for those issues. We're taking corrective action and we are going in a more proactive direction instead of retreading the old reactive course. 

I do ask that everyone be patient as we transition into this new phase, and also please be patient with me as I transition into this position. I'm new so it may take a little while to fully get into the full swing of things and learn about the back-end system and navigate the community. I'll be around the forums (IGG, LH Forums and Head-Fi mainly) interacting and helping out in any way I can. I'll be relaying information back and forth between the company and the community as swiftly and efficiently as possible. I'll be working directly alongside Larry and hope to have a great interaction with the rest of the team. I hope we (myself, the community, and LH Labs) can build a relationship that is lasting and strong.

We do ask that any specific questions over the campaigns or tickets be brought to our Facebook and LH Forums. We definitely are not trying to shut down any communication or conversation here, but due to the way the IGG site works, it's just much easier to respond to individual requests through those channels.

Please feel free to continue commenting here, but we will be interacting more on the LH Labs Forum and Facebook. Please understand the software in those channels is easier and more user friendly.

We are also aware of the rumors and speculations in IGG comments and on various audio forums. We're currently working to address those in at least one future post and clarify some of the more popular misconceptions regarding LH, LH Labs and the campaign/business. We are actively moving towards more transparency regarding this entire venture. 

We will be reaching out to our backers individually as we find mentions of egregious Customer Service/ticket errors. We may not be able to get to everyone individually, but we will be working as earnestly as possible to get in touch with individuals who comment on the forums about persistent issues. We appreciate your patience as we start that process.

Once again, I'm really excited to be here for you guys! We look forward to hearing from and serving the community. Larry is very excited to help bring these projects to a close and into your hands. I'll be around the forums and helping out with questions on a regular basis in any way possible. Everyone loves a comeback story and we hope you'll allow this to become ours.

- Jarek




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they did deliver in the past. It is really taking ages to get what we paid for. I would like to thing that you're wrong, but my wits confirm and share your impression. Brgds,Arnaud

oh, they do still deliver. As per the stereotimes review there is an LH server. Specs look suspiciously like an  upgraded Source with fancy enclosure sides. But this for sure is just an coincidence as LH and LHL are totally separate companies with totally separated development departments .....

But as per this very capable and thorough review they are currently "bending over backwards" to deliver the LHL product.  So it can only be mere days before the paid for since years products will arrive at the backers. Or is that mere month, or years, or ...

It’s been over 4 years for me and nothing except power supply. This is a lot of money from where I come from and this was a brand I trusted. It’s disheartening :(

This is a lot of money for everybody and everyone independently of the amount of your orders and we were all deceived or scamed, or the apparences are misleading... no news since ages and other corporations recently build by larry Ho without committing to get those organisations to take up where LH let go and let us down is discouraging. I still hope this is not what it looks to be, a total scam after having delivered the power brick, the pulse infinity, the cables, the usb dac s .... Wait and see 

Arnaud D

Honestly, what else should it be. 4 years to do what, design a mobile player and and server? Other companies are in this time at their n-th iteration of the product. And the claim that the funds where not used for anything also is simply misleading.  

4-5 years wait for me and over $1000 spent. Only earbuds to show for it. Very frustrating position to be in. Imagine running a business like this and getting away with it. Shocking performance. 


Bret Lucas

Auckland, New Zealand

Hi. Does Jarek still work here?

more appropriate: Does anybody work on the products which where funded through the campaigns. Obviously there is work on products which are being reviewed. Pity only for those who funded all this ...

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Any news?


This is ridiculous….


Spent a lot of money on you and zero satisfaction, product delivery or even any sort of compensation.


We've invested in your company and product development for a promised product that had been announced in Dec 28, 2013!!!!


Even if you ever deliver anything, which I don't believe, you would be delivering on a 6 year old promise completely outdated by comparison to what the market as to offer nowadays.


You can be sure that I will personly bad mouth LH Labs and it’s parent company Light Harmonic on every forum, tradeshows and audioshows.

People need to know that you are not a serious company!


Shame on you!

And shame on me for having put faith on your project.. Never in my life I’ve been scammed, and I deal with a lot of business for many, many years…. There is always a first experience, and this will direly be the last!


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