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Backed items not visible in my account in LH labs marketplace

I backed the Pulse Infinity with LPS4 in 2015 and later in 2015 I backed the Tube HPA, in addition to ACX-I #4 and ACX-1 #5 modules. Since I backed the infinity, I am also due to receive a free tube cap upgrade. 

Since the site has changed may times, I noticed that none of the items that I backed are visible under my account profile on the LH Labs marketplace site.  The only proof of my purchases is from the tickets and invoices that I paid.

I reached out on the customer support page and asked for the status of my order and I also asked for LH Labs to add my purchased items to my profile so there is no confusion later on if and when the HPA ever ships.

In 2017, I have not received any answers to my inquiries online and I have been losing faith in LH Labs. At this point, it seems unlikely that the amp will ever ship but in case it does, I want to make sure that my purchases are accounted for.

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 I have an open ticket from August to address this very issue:

Open since 83 days 6 hours

#41556 MyBigCommerce site

Items I have backed are not listed, many, including my tubed ViDAC.

Can I get some kind of response? I have been pretty patient but 3 months waiting for a response is long enough.

I'll try to take care of both of these on Monday. Mark if you can provide your ticket number and/or order number, I can review this and see what can be done. 

That would be good. 

I backed the campaign in 2014 - Jarek was looking into it and he's disappeared....

Can anyone please help ?

I have an open ticket for this.

#39994 Pulse Xfi DAC

I'm still working through tickets. You weren't ignored. I just didn't get to it yet. I'll try this weekend and get back to you. 

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