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Geek Wave Update Please

Please can Larry Post a new Update for out Geek Waves?

It has been over 2 months since the last Update, and I am really worried 

about whats happening with my Geek Wave Order.

Absolutely. When you are this late the least you could do it provide regular updates.

You know if you are not able to complete the Wave project, and that is what I am beginning to think based on the delay of over a year from the expected date, and the lack of updates, why don't you just refund the purchase amount to people have been waiting for so long, and admit you could not make it work?

Geek Wave is still in production and the beta boards have been built. We are waiting on delivery of the boards for installation into the units for beta testing. 

Regular updates were promised when Jarek began posting and sending e-mails - very frustrating that promises are made and not kept.  This does not instill trust in LH Labs.


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Yeah, the updates have been slow just because we've been waiting on the boards. The boards should be arriving this week from the factory for testing/installation. 

Thank you for the latest news. It helps...

So, no Xmas presents for us, I guess? Any updates maybe?

We're still waiting on the boards. When we have more updates, we'll let everyone know. 

Thanks for the update - from now to completion, I know it would help me to have a weekly update even if there is not much to tell. I think others may feel the same way.

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Have you tested and installed the boards yet?

It’s been so long, I forget what I even purchased. If we cant get a refund, then can we at least get upgraded at no cost in exchange for the 2 years of waiting? This has been my first crowd funding experience.....not great to say the least!

@Rebecca the boards haven't arrived to us yet. I'm told there is more information coming this week. 

@Tmelles unfortunately, we are unable to upgrade. I don't see an order under your information. Can you open a ticket and I can review your order?

I origianlly purchased the Geek 32 and upgraded to 64, other than that I have no idea what to expect  or when to expect it. Can you let me know if and when I will ever receive it?

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