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dac 1000

I am buying a Chromebook is my 1000 DAC going to work with that. And I don't know if I have all the updates that you guys made in the last 3 years. Thanks guys great product.

Hi Stephen, this is Matt from the Tech Support Team here at LH Labs. Your Geek Out 1000 is only support via Windows and Mac OS at this time however, this may work with your Chrome Book as the Geek Out only requires 5V to power it on that is supplied through the USB port itself but I may be wrong as I personally have not had the chance to test and verify this. The most current and latest driver released is 3.26. I can attach this in the reply below if you wish.

Hope this helps!

I can't find a link to this driver anymore. I need one for my GO1k as well. Thanks

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