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Anybody know the best way to actually get a response to your ticket?

When I was first considering purchasing a geek out V2/v2+ I opened a ticket with some questions and got a prompt reply. That doesen't seem to be happening anymore for at least some people. Is there an e-mail address or phone number that's been working for people?

Ticket 39730 in case any staff sees this.

Hi guys, we're actually working on hiring a new CS agent --- we just have to finalize the details. That should speed up the response time for a lot of these tickets. I'll check these tickets and see if anything can be done with them before Matt gets to them. 

Sorry for the delay again everyone. 

- Jarek

Hello Jarek:

Could you also check Ticket #42239 and respond to it...  Two earlier tickets addressing the same issue (#42156 and #42229) have been completely ignored, and they have "auto-closed" themselves and disappeared from the page. I need assistance with a problem with my GO2PRO SE, which might not be too difficult to solve, if customer service actually decides to assist me with it.. Please respond to the ticket. Thanks.

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My Ticket is 41766

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