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Anybody know the best way to actually get a response to your ticket?

When I was first considering purchasing a geek out V2/v2+ I opened a ticket with some questions and got a prompt reply. That doesen't seem to be happening anymore for at least some people. Is there an e-mail address or phone number that's been working for people?

Ticket 39730 in case any staff sees this.

great question. BUMP

My V2+ been in 'Technician Queue' for 35 days with no response to 2 emails. Strongly suggest now at this time not to purchase from LH Labs. I also have pre-paid for the Geek-Wave ~3 yrs ago now and concerned. Quick response when you want to buy something, but customer support horrible.

Anyone know how to get a refund for all of this? I spent over $10,000+ and haven't received ANYTHING yet. No answers to any of my tickets either.

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Your best bet at a refund is initiating a class action law suit. LH Labs are completely ignoring its customers.


 Hi Josh, this is Matt from the Technical Support Team. I apologize for your previous experience and for the delay with the shipments of your units. the final batch of Pulse boards are expected soon and we will be posting another update regarding WAVE and Source very soon. If you would like to personally reach out to me, I can be contacted at

Thank you once again for your time and patience! Great news coming up! (:

Hi Matt,

I sent you several emails asking you to update my account with LH labs to reflect the purchases that I made a few years ago. 

I backed the Pulse Tube HPA, in addition to ACX-I #4 and ACX-1 #5 modules. Since I backed the infinity, I am also due to receive a free tube cap upgrade.

Thank you for your support!


Mark Weissberger

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Have you had any replies to any of your emails Mark?

Any luck Mark?

Hi Keith, I am getting freezed out by LH Labs just like everyone else. 

same here....promise after promise and still nothing....

filed a new ticket two days ago and unsurprisingly...nothing.

disgraceful is probably the most civilized word for it.

We just fixed the ticket system and there are many old tickets stuck there and we will clean it out very fast. Would you like to give us the ticket number here? And several more that aren't showing anymore in your system for whatever reason Bottom line: still waiting for my de device
How about min, ticket #41934


 How about mine ticket #41934

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