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How do I check my order status?

 I ordered a Wave, but I don't know where I can see my order on the LH website. There are 2 separate logins, 1 for the main site and another for support. Why is this so? Very confusing to me. Anyways, I'd like to see that my order is accounted for on your end.



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Hi @BrianSmith, The last batch of Pulse INF are on their way from the factory (: Thanks for holding on tight!!
Also, we have just received a handful of Source chassis here in house. These will begin shipping very soon! Thank you all for your patience! You will most certainly be impressed by both the build quality and software aspect of it!



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To all that can't see their order or don't know what website to check. Go to:

If you don't have a login, create one. Just make sure you use the same email address as your Indiegogo account. Once you're in, check your orders. If it show nothing, zip, nada, then create a support ticket. Gina (LHLabs) will add your order to the website and send you a confirmation email.

Hope this helps,


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Can i have some sort of support I have been left out in the cold for months and last reply was from gina happilly accepting my payment without making good on any shipping details can my case be looked into this isnt fair

I have had some of the same problems with shipment of my source. Bruce your web page link helped and I have it book market. 

Also do any of you have a Geek Pluse? I have the sFi with the optional LS-1 power supply. Mine started to cycle about 3 months ago -- meaning that it would cycle off after about a minute of playing time and try to cycle back on every 20 seconds or so. You can hear the clicking from within the unit. 

I contacted the repair group. They asked me to reflash the operating software which I did-- no change. Once we got to that point I have had no replies to my several inquiries. That has been over two months ago.  Has anyone else had any repair issues with their Geek equipment?

Im still waiting on my Pulse Infinity as well and no one seems to be even answering tickets anymore!  At this point I'd really just like someone to refund my money you've had for over two years now!

I have the same question(s) as Aaron but I see that, as usual, there are no replies from LH Labs.


My order is also not showing up. And there is nowhere on the bigcommerce site to leave a support ticket.

Please respond

the lack of support is extremely frustrating can anyone give me larry's email?

ive had a ticket open for 9 months and ive been dodged and dived at every single turn its horrible way to treat a customer who just wants clear dialogue

The only thing they understand is when you hit them in the wallet. Go to amazon, find all their products leave 1 star reviews. Leave terrible reviews and feedback on EVERY web presence they have. Teach them a lesson.

I've submitted three tickets because my Geek Wave order does not show up also.  I've heard nothing!  So much for this "better communication" bullshit.  Nothing has changed here.

@Clipdin We just communicated back to every single BigCommerce ticket we could find in our system. Please check your email for details. Thanks! 

- Jarek

I haven't heard back since months reg my blue and Xfi order... Should I create yet another ticket ?
Same here opened ticket no response after 3 days.  Well actually its no response after 3 years.


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