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IEM-X and Geekout 450?

I just purchased a pair of IEM-X's ignorant of the fact that they may not work with my V1 geek out 450. Is this, in fact, the case?

Also, will I need to purchase a TRRS to TRS adapter to use the buds with other sources?

Thanks for any insight!


Hello Jeff,

The IEM-X is a balanced headphone and it will not work properly with the any Geek Outs made prior to the V2 series.  You will only get audio out of one channel if you attempt to play them on a device that does not have the proper balanced connector.

You could find an adapter but I haven't come across any reasonably priced adapters.  I read of an adapter in the $50 range on one of the forums but it would not be practical to pay over $15 for an adapter.  If you use the IEM-X with an adapter, you WILL NOT get a balanced output or drive the earphones in a balanced manner.  The balanced drive of these headphones is the main advantage they have over the Vibratos.  You would do better to see if you could swap your  IEM-X's for the slightly cheaper Vibratos.

I tried a TRRS to TRS adapter made for microphones (RODE SC3) and it DID NOT work.  You need a special adapter made specifically for balanced headphones.  Again, the best solution for you would be to either get a used Geek Out V2, or a new Geek Out V2a which LH Labs is just now beginning to sell on the marketplace.  I have the Geek Out V2a (and the IEM-X's).  My nephew has the Geek Out V2 and the IEM-X's and loves the sound.

Take care,


Hi Randy,

Thanks very much for your reply and additional info. I had just received the Rode 3 two days prior. Lesson learned. I'll have to weigh my options, I suppose, but I do agree that a $50 adapter is not realistic.

Thx again,


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