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Hello , interested to know if customer support is always so  poor ? Reported a dead geek pulse in excess of two weeks ago and i am still waiting for a response regards returning the unit for repair. It is out of warranty and obviously the cost of repair and transport will have to be born by myself a uk geek owner.  I also own an lps supply which in reality i have no way of checking if it is functioning properly, Having owned  some the big uk companies higher end equipment i do find it odd that lh labs support is frankly so poor,

Matt L, could you please allow us to download the driver/firmware updates for our devices without a ticket? I have a GOV2+ and would like to update it. I've had a ticket open for 10 days on this and got no response. All I want is a download link :\



Open since 10 days 1 hours

#42004 GOV2+ firmware

I'm currently at viersion 2.29. Your blog says there's a new firmware out. Could I please have a link to the latest driver/firmware file?
Why require support tickets for a simple driver/firmware update if your support desk is so swamped?

Matt L - your activity is the first sign of life I have seen on this forum from LH for some time - It would be great if someone from LH labs could just outline  what is going to happen in the future without any of the normal weasel worded BS  - I am owed a pulse infinity and a preamp - if its all over and nothing is coming just have the decency to tell us - the ticket system is clearly dead 


 Hi Roger, I saw this case and brought it to email with you. Please respond to my email when you have to chance so we can get this all sorted out.

Thank you for your time and understanding!


Matt L

Eh... Just got a mail telling me they closed my ticket...

I asked for support 5 months ago and got one reply (after 2 months) from someone called Kevin asking me what the problem was witch i clearly stated when opening the ticket.

Thanks for nothing!

 Hi John and Josh. I'm sorry to hear the following. We have been working very hard on these two specific projects for countless nights and we are SOO close to completing them. They are very complex yet so very cool. You will definitely be impressed with both the build quality and functionality of the units! I personally got to play around and test the Source and im pleased to say that, that is one heck of a player. It has a great UI and very easy to use. Also loved the capability to navigate and change music within the Source from the Web. This was not easy to do but we got that going. We couldn't be any happier and excited to get this product rolling! You should expect some updates from Larry regarding this soon (:

Thank you for your continued time, we really do appreciate it!!!

Josh, I don't think you have any recourse if you paid via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns other than word of mouth, social media, etc. I paid mostly on Indiegogo (percs, primary campaigns, etc.). If you have an invoice from LH Labs for a consumer product, you should have consumer protection behind you. If you are like me, much of the funding went out years ago now in support of a product which was an idea rather than an actual product. Unfortunately, when I come back to this forum, I see comments from people like yourself go unanswered which is very troubling. Although I am waiting, I have now gone on to think of this process like a loan I gave to a stranger, hoping to be paid back (in product) but leaving it to chance that a payback actually occurs. Communication is exceedingly poor (hopefully you see the Indiegogo campaign updates at least...and at least they are still coming occasionally). The real eye opener for me is the exposure of numerous production complications and issues for multiple items. I am due a tricked out Wave player, a tricked out Source, a solid state headphone amp (HPA), and a tricked out tubed ViDAC. I figured if it took a years to get the Wave hand-held hi-res player (which should have been state of the art at the time), I'd be OK. I funded initially in July 2014 (this campaign was 3479% - $1,665,254 - funded on July 13, 2014). I suspect the Wave is another year off before I have one in my hand. The thing that concerns me more than anything about having one in my hand is what happens if it needs service...given that this forum really doesn't work and tickets do not seem to be answered...I fear of something ending up as a brick. It is a shame really since the crowd funders who supported the ideas should really be taken care of. Sorry for your situation.


Anyone know how to get a refund for all of this? I spent over $10,000+ and haven't received ANYTHING yet. No answers to any of my tickets either.

LH Labs has clearly shut down their Customer Service department. My ticket is months old! They would do themselves a favor if they just said so.

All of us who have paid money yet not received the product we paid for can apparently, only hope that the products 
will eventually be produced, eventually work, and will -- eventually -- be supported.

An open admission of what is going on from Larry -- or someone -- would be MUCH better, than the status quo which only makes people angrier.

I can not imagine funding a product in advance again.

I created ticket #39287 for some poorly grounded Vibrato IEMs to see if there was any chance of repair or replacing them. This ticket has now been open for 33 days and 20 hours at the time of this post.

Unfortunately, I won't be purchasing any LH Labs products if this is the kind of service that they provide. It's unfortunate because I really enjoy my IEMs (aside from the occasional shock which isn't too bad since I'm sitting when listening to them).

Please reply Larry and/or Matt L. You were literally just one step away from resolving my issue and then, two more weeks of dead silence. It has been two months since my original case was opened. Please at least update me.
How freakin painful. Such a mess. I upgraded a GO V2+ and turn around was under a month. But this forum screams "we don't pay attention to this forum we created to serve the customers"

I also posted in the forum about the service and having problems with my Revive and now someone has taken that post down...

I have heard nothing back from this company either, we need to show up at this company's front door and find out what is really going on.

Huge lies going on there.

Created a ticket jan 30 and have not heard anything from anyone yet...

The service really sucks!

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