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pulse Xfi won't play music.

have a pulse Xfi which i have had recurrent problems with and sent in tickets due to the same issue. I use a Mac Pro running sierra (previously running earlier versions with the same issue). The pulse will not play sound. When connected via USB the pulse is visible in both sound options and the Audio Midi options on the mac. My start up process is to select the pulse in the sound menu and check it is also selected in the Audio Midi as the main sound output. I then try and get sound playing through iTunes - the on pressing play the pulse makes a buzzing sound through the headphones, this then stops and then no music plays. I cannot get it to play music via iTunes. I also have audiorivana v2 and this also does not work. On starting the programme the pulse is visible and selectable as an output. However, on trying to play music i get the same buzzing which then stops and either get one of two errors: 1. Cannot play via direct audio, please de-select this. I deselect it but it then cannot start audio device. 2. I get another random error code and no music plays. I have (as in previous tickets) flashed using a PC back to the latest firmware and this has still not solved the problem. I now have a pulse that i cannot use. Any suggestions welcome as i waited a long time for this pulse, am in the UK and am now worried i have an expensive black box sat in the UK that i cannot use. I have a go450 that works with both iTunes and Audiorivana on the same systems and software without problems.

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Dear Kevin,

My Geek Pulse Signature DAC seems to be having similar issues as you're describing. It stopped working recently, having the same symptoms you're describing. I was wondering if you've resolved your issues? Was it hardware related? How did you solve it?

Kind Regards,


I was sent an updated firmware for the pulse (Xfi), flashed successfully using a pc and it's been rock solid since and without problems.

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Awesome, this fixed it for me as well, contacted support, received v2.0 firmware for my Geek Pulse Signature. Works like a charm again.

This is Matt from the Tech Support team here at LH Labs. I have been filtering through the forums and have been trying to go through the ones that haven't been responded too and came across this one. The symptoms described above can indeed be resolved with a firmware update. I will go ahead and place the file below for future reference (if anyone else may be encountering a similar issue with their PULSE X-FI model!). The 'buzzing' is the ultimate sign that the Pulse needs that firmware update (: If the Pulse still however encounters similar symptoms after the update, then it would be best to open a ticket and we can go from there.




I think I may have the same problem with my Pulse Fi, Is this Firmware update suitable. I just have a concern that it isn't my issue because Linux now won't recognise the pulse at all now. Windows does seem to recognise it, but no sound comes out. If anyone has any insight into this I would be grateful. This is my second pulse. The first was faulty, and I don't want to brick this one. Thank you.

Hi @James Sellers
Thank you for reaching out. This issue was mainly common for the Pulse X models only as the Pulse FI had one ESS chip compared to the two that the X model had. (The firmware is different and a bit more complex as both channels are split between them). If Windows recognizes the Pulse and plays perfectly fine then all should be okay as the Pulse wasn't 100% Linux compatible. We advise that the user use the Pulse with either a Windows or Mac OS.
Thank you,
Matt L


This 2.0 Firmware fixed my X Fi.  Thank you for posting this!
I was worried by all the warnings about Batch specific firmware and the chance of bricking.
The firmware took smoothly and instantly started playing like it used to
I might try to use it more now that its not a gamble if it will work or not.  I've played more records recently because the xfi was being so damn flakey


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