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Visual difference between GOV2 and GOV2 SE?

I recently received delivery on an upgrade for a GO2A SE. What I notice is that the case does not indicate in any way that it is the SE version like the one that I had sent in for the upgrade.  The description on the receipt states "LH Labs GO2A Signature Upgrade".   But, the only marking on the case is "GO2A".  There is no 'SE' designation on the case.  Any way to tell the difference between the two?

I am terribly sorry to see that you hadn't received a reply to this inquiry. One easy way to tell whether you had received a GO2A SE rather than a STD or INF is simply by the color of the chassis and Firmware Version. The GO2A SE has some hardware differences compared to the STD and INF models and improved THD through the Firmware that gets pre-installed. The GO2A SE ships out in a Gold (Champagne) colored chassis whereas the STD or INF models ship out in the Red chassis. The INF model will also have an INF marking on the side of the chassis as well as the INF firmware installed.
Hope this helped answer your question and thank you once again for patiently awaiting for a response!

- Matt

Please allow me to be more specific.  I received delivery on a GO V2 Signature Edition on 12/24/15.  The case was a champagne/goldish color as you indicated.  I sent the unit back in 2016 for an upgrade.  I received the unit back 7/31/16.  The packing slip noted "LH Labs GO2A Signature Upgrade".  However, the case was not champagne/goldish color.  Instead, the case is silver.  When I examine the firmware using the Light Harmonic control panel, it indicates the followng:
Product:  Geek Out 2A Signature 1.5
VID/PID: 0x2522/0x0018
Revision: V1.50
Driver Version: 2.29.0
So, please clarify.  Based on the color of the case, I do NOT have a SE.  But, based on the firmware, it appears that I do.  Thank you in advance for your reply.
R. Mirabella


We have not created any silver GO2A chassis nor have we received any in house. We did create a GO2A SE chassis that was a light champagne (lighter than the GOV2 SE) but no silver. It was either red or champagne. If you received a red GO2A, it was either an INF or STD model. If you however received a champagne model, then this is the SE model.
Hope this helps!


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