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Vi Dac Tube - scheduled delivery date and progress?


I have not heard any news for quite some time. Would be great with an update.

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Well their website is still there but it's not updated and none of the products are new.  Click on Vi DAC and it says doesn't exist.  Ironic and makes me sad.  I supported this cuz Larry is from Taiwan, but these guys are honestly full of it, about as fake as their USB cables (which sadly I bought too LOL, but at least I received those). 

posts are now being deleted... 

The sort order is old to new, and cannot be reversed. The new posts are at the end.

I posted a comment and it has been removed. 

I live in New Zealand so nothing I can do to get back my $1000+ investment in these crooks.  But can't you US folk get together and start a class action suit?  There must be hundreds of people who've lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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I just posted and it disapeared as fast as posting.

for New Zealand, Asia, USA, and anywhere defrauded by LHL: file your losses here for a legal complaint  in process:

To learn about this spreadsheet, search audiophilestyle website for "LHL"

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You are a superstar Kirk. Thanks for the link

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