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Vi Dac Tube - scheduled delivery date and progress?


I have not heard any news for quite some time. Would be great with an update.

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I don't want my dac in a plain jane box.  "Not worth it" is a relative term, and I am happy to wait for the product I bid on.  I want both first rate sound and something that looks awesome, too.  

You speak only for yourself on this one.

We all speak for ourselves. You happily waiting for 3 years is speaking for yourself too. I was really happy with the look, but honestly no case should take that long to figure out. Maybe not mill it from one block, but use different pieces to screw together, and still maintain the awesome look. I don't know. Clearly after 3 years the current solution doesn't work. Larry is a smart man, and he should have the resources. Since the first idea the DAC market has changed a lot. We will always need DAC for home, but using the case as a crutch may have been OK for a year but not for 2 with no end in sight.

Indeed.  I have a high end DAC right now that does well, but thought this might be a nice upgrade.  

I agree that they went for a look and didn't consider manufacturability and they are suffering for it (and so for us).  At this point, I am not counting on getting the DAC, and am at peace with it.  BUt if they do ship it, I think the original design would be an actual collectable.

Aesthetics are fine and all, but there are other things which are important - more important to me: Sound quality, reliability, capability, options (inputs/outputs)...a fancy case is nice but really, as long as this has been going on, why bother? Definitely not my preference (and the idea of polished chrome - bleck) - I would rather have a regular box that I can place in a rack to decode my music and preferably, one upon which I might be able to stack another component if, and only if, I am so inclined. Like many, I just want resolution.

I have multiple products which do not show up on big commerce. Then there was the google document spreadsheet which was supposed to have all of our info on it...the indiegogo perks, the separate direct bills - all of which render this entire experience confusing at best and an example of what not to do at worst. My Big Commerce ticket from Aug 10 remains open. 

At ay rate, lesson learned (fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...)

Hopefully everyone here finds some resolution.  

Makes sense.  I am in electronics design and manufacturing, and sometimes when something like casework is "non manufacturable" or at least really difficult, a design update can capture 99% of the look and feel and improve it quite a lot.  So much so, that I wonder if there isn't something else at work here.

I'm wondering if this is more about cashflow than a difficult case?

I think you may be on to something Brent. 

I just think it is a shame that so many people are so unhappy. I can wait...but the long wait zaps enthusiasm which I finds leads me looking elsewhere. I too may move on to other things given the agonizingly slow rate of production. Although I am waiting for a Wave player, I picked up an Onkyo DP-X1a - sounds great and does all I need it to with an android OS. The Wave player seemed like a great idea at the beginning of the, the market is replete with options and the Wave player will have to be superlative to compete in a space which is getting saturated. Could it be better than the Onkyo...sure but by how much and even enough to matter?

Yeah, I guess part of me has written LH Labs off.  

I was one of those poor Pono player users.  Works great, but the product is now about as orphaned as they get!

I like the idea of the Onkyo because it can stream from Wifi and decodes MQA.  

I have just about given up on my VI Tube Dac I ordered 3 years ago with many upgrades. I think many of you will suffer losing thousands of dollars just like myself. It was have been much better to have purchased a DAC from a well know and proven vendor like Hegal or Dan Wright of Modwright Insruments. This is so unfortunate to loose thousands of dollars like this.
I already gave up mine since last dec. asked them to donate the money to charity instead producing an outdated machine to me at undefine production date. This is absolutely fraud, pretty sick and gives me lotsa frustration. So end of day my instruction to them is donate the monies to charity. Whether they did or not let heaven decide their fate. Haha
It is so disappointing to be ripped off like this by those who are already wealthy and so well educated. It has become a singn of the times for white collar workers. Tou wouldn't think this would happen by this group of individuals. They will go down in history as common criminals. They have there mansions and very substantual portfolio's. They've been laughing all the way to the bank for somtime now. They are the epitome of phycopaths. LH labs can kiss my ass!
I give up.

I need to update my address and have opened a ticket... nothing. Could someone please update my address for me.

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