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Vi Dac Tube - scheduled delivery date and progress?


I have not heard any news for quite some time. Would be great with an update.

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Same here. Last I heard was this issue with ramping up production of the chassis without triggering QC problems, someone was supposed to meet with vendor early November, it's now 3 weeks later, an update would be appreciated... FYI, my original indiegogo contribution to geekpulse was Nov. 17... 2013! That's THREE years ago! VI was announced on Feb. 5, 2015, and I purchased the Pulse Xfi to Vi Tube upgrade on Feb 14, 2015... I'm practicing patience and enjoying my Chord Hugo tremendously in the meantime ;-) Fred

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I have the same concerns. No updates in many many months. Meanwhile, DAC chips keep getting better and the current DAC chip is at least a generation behind! See that a new Pro line of chips out now and solid state DACs using this latest iteration start at less then $1K delivered! - John

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I feel silly that I paid for a chip upgrade which is now out of date.  Also a year ago paid for shipping which of course never happened.  Come on, give us something!

I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get these units!  Has anyone heard anything?

I have a lot of money invested in this and am getting worried!

I messaged their support and got a response that I should get mine mid 2017 or something like that.  Not holding my breath after paying for the shipping more than a year ago.  

What a way to treat customers that have paid thousands of dollars into their company to allow them to develop these products.  Never again!

still waiting for an update ... 

Got the email from IGG... Its now almost 2 years late(!) when will this ship??!

The new update basically tells us to keep on waiting.  Turns out that unique looking chassis really wasn't that viable.  

LHL, What's the status of Tube Vi's? Do you have chassis? If not, when? Please give a serious update.

24 days since a serious and timely question was asked. 24 days with no response. Why use this forum?


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Crickets chirping.... This forum appears to be completely useless in distributing information to menbers/backers who have been more than patient. Very discouraging. Most of these forums haven't had meaningful input from LH labs in well over a year.

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i still waiting for mine almost 2 years, amazing company and absolutely silly of me on getting con on this

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