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Vi Dac Tube - scheduled delivery date and progress?


I have not heard any news for quite some time. Would be great with an update.

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I have the same concerns. No updates in many many months. Meanwhile, DAC chips keep getting better and the current DAC chip is at least a generation behind! See that a new Pro line of chips out now and solid state DACs using this latest iteration start at less then $1K delivered! - John

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amazing things happen in lhlabs again, now we need to go another big commerce site to login and check our profile and shipping address, know what when i try logging there? it doesn't work, i file a ticket, total 3 open tickets with zero responses from this amazing company. 

my oppo 205 with 9038 dac chip on the way as i type, stupid vi dac tube with 9018 dac chip might not even serve any value at all in resale market

simply amazing haha

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Same here. Last I heard was this issue with ramping up production of the chassis without triggering QC problems, someone was supposed to meet with vendor early November, it's now 3 weeks later, an update would be appreciated... FYI, my original indiegogo contribution to geekpulse was Nov. 17... 2013! That's THREE years ago! VI was announced on Feb. 5, 2015, and I purchased the Pulse Xfi to Vi Tube upgrade on Feb 14, 2015... I'm practicing patience and enjoying my Chord Hugo tremendously in the meantime ;-) Fred

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Seems that the unique chassis design has caused more issues than it might be worth.

Had LH selected a standard box chassis we would've had our DAC VI Tubes a while ago. I wouldn't have minded a temporary chassis to be honest.

A run rate of 15 a month means it will take over 10 months to fulfill the outstanding 154 units assuming no failures.

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Not for nothing, but the Chip accounts for only about 1/3 of the sound.  I am as frustrated as the rest of you, but honestly stop the histrionics.

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I live in New Zealand so nothing I can do to get back my $1000+ investment in these crooks.  But can't you US folk get together and start a class action suit?  There must be hundreds of people who've lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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24 days since a serious and timely question was asked. 24 days with no response. Why use this forum?


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for New Zealand, Asia, USA, and anywhere defrauded by LHL: file your losses here for a legal complaint  in process:

To learn about this spreadsheet, search audiophilestyle website for "LHL"

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I heard there was a delivery queue list.  I'd like to know where I am on it?  

It's been a couple of years.  I'm feeling kind of foolish for trusting them with my money....

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Crickets chirping.... This forum appears to be completely useless in distributing information to menbers/backers who have been more than patient. Very discouraging. Most of these forums haven't had meaningful input from LH labs in well over a year.

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they are a disappointment and if am the founder i would rather pay back all and close shop.

they will get their karma for cheating ppl.

shame on such cheaters

btw the sabre chipset already in 9038 version, should trust on big companies, small shop like this is shame big fat shame.

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i still waiting for mine almost 2 years, amazing company and absolutely silly of me on getting con on this

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Thanks, Jarek.

Please double check to make sure it is a schedule that you can actually achieve, regardless of how "bad" the news may seem at the time of publishing it.  More empty promises will only reduce an already low level of credibility.  I know at this point, I will have a hard time believing any promises by LH Labs at this moment because of multiple promises made and a failure to follow through or even really notify.

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Well their website is still there but it's not updated and none of the products are new.  Click on Vi DAC and it says doesn't exist.  Ironic and makes me sad.  I supported this cuz Larry is from Taiwan, but these guys are honestly full of it, about as fake as their USB cables (which sadly I bought too LOL, but at least I received those). 

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