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Popping/Tracking Problem

So, I got my V2+ Infinity DAC, which I am quite happy to finally have it. I am still burning it in and probably am about 25 - 50% in. I am starting to have an increasing issue though where I keep on hearing point sounds like a record skipping combined with tracking issues like a CD skipping. I am wondering what could be causing this. It happens on all gain modes. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Marshmallow OS) vía UaPP as the source with a UGREEN OTG cable combined with the cable that came with my DAC. The problem seems independent of the output headphones/speakers as well as the kind of music. I am going to my PC to see if my phone is the problem, but I have my doubts. Can I get some help? Thanks in advance!
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I believe I'm having the same problem after some time playing out of my iphone, but never out of my laptop. It's a little annoying because I'd planned to use this setup on the go.

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