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Apple USB3/USB Camera Adaptor

Dear LH Labs support team, From the GO V2+ user guide , it mentioned that only Apple connection kit works on iphone. However it was using a 30 pin connector. has anyone tried using lightning USB Camera Adaptor on Geek Out V2+? Cheers, Luke Teng

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I have not used the camera adaptor but I'm able to use a Lightning to Micro B adaptor with no problem on my iPhone SE.

Hi Alfred, this is Matt from the Technical Support Team here at LH Labs. Yes you can indeed use the Lightning USB Camera Adapter with the Geek Out. This is what I use for tests here in office (:
Hope this helps!


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Hi there,

may I ask if GO V2+ still works with lightning adapter (MD821AM) on the latest iOS (11+)?

My old DIY lighting to usb cable no longer works after the iOS update; I hope MD821AM would work on latest iOS...

Much thanks,


Hi nic,

 I have checked some resources and it looks like this update has affected all lightning adapters including Apple's. Apple has not made any statement and there are a lot of finger pointing and rumors as to who or what is to blame due to the fact that in some instances the adapters have worked. I personally use a lightning to micro B adapter I purchased and when I get the nuisance notice that 11 no longer supports I tap OK and then detach and re-insert my adapter to get it to work again. It's a pain but until a fix comes through there are not many options at this time. Hope this helps.

Bryan Solo

Solo Solutons

Thanks Bryan, Eventually I bit the bullet and... No prompts/warning/interruption occurred while using the adapter to connect Geekout V2+ with my iphone 6 plus running iOS 11.2.5 in the past two weeks. Guess it works ( : Will (presumably) keep this post updated when I found the adapter no longer works. Much Thanks, nic

You are welcome. Some have not had any problems, so glad to hear. Thank you.

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