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GO V2+

My newly receive unit produces sound only 1 side for the balanced output trrs port. I used custom trrs 3.5 plug in completely and can hear sound from 1 side, not both. Is this the balanced port defective?

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Been 23hrs and no tech to reply to my report?!!!

I have the same problem with my Geek Out v2 + that I had purchased in preorder a year and a half ago and is arrived the day before yesterday,  the single ended output is working correctly but with the balanced output works only one channel (the left) and from right channel does not receive signal .
I performed the test with 2 balanced cables terminated with TRRS 3.5 mm connector that work well with the balanced output of my HiFiMan 901 Dap .

I have today opened 2 tickets and i hope in a reply.

Matt from LHLabs said that my unit was a faulty one. Can you believe it? They sent you a faulty one after waiting more than a year for it. I opened a ticket for rma repair. They received it half a month ago and now i'm still waiting for status update from them.

So I have to think that lh labs do not test their products before sending them, while being aware of a problem in the specific model? Consider that I am Italian and I do not know if I want to address the relevant expense of shipment  and  wait another year before the repair.
In my tickets I requested the specifications of the plug 3.5 TRRS that they adopt but at this point I do not know if that's the problem ...
However if it were a defective device  I will try to give wide publicity  in the web of the whole affair.
Thanks for the reply. 

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