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Driver errors on Windows 10

I am unable to install driver version 3.26.0 for the Geek Pulse on Windows 10.  I get an error that Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

4 people have this problem

Yep I do too. Raised a ticket but got no response for a week.

Interestingly I get the same problem with another device (Resonessence Herus) so I think it is a Microsoft digital signature problem hitting many vendors. Doesn't help me though...


Larry or Gina or what ever that idiot name is...anyone reading this faked up forum postings?

I have this exact same issue on a new Dell laptop. It means I can't use my LH Labs device.

Use the older 2.x driver; that what I had to do with W10 on my Surface.

Doesn't work. The LH installer launches but gives an error message saying it doesn't work on my laptop.
Solution is to disable integrity check in Windows 10

Would be interesting to know what fixes/enhancements are in the latest driver that would compel one to upgrade.  Haven't had any problems with 2.x and W10.

The 2.x installer wouldn't complete ... gave an error message saying device was not supported.
Later editions of Windows 10 will have this issue.

Why is this not fixed yet????

I have the same issue, of course.  Anybody with a new install of Windows 10 is going to get this.  

Hi Frank, this is Matt from the Tech Support Team here at LH Labs. Exactly what issues are you having with your unit so that I may help resolve this matter. Thanks.
- Matt


Hi Matt. Thanks for checking in. I'm having the same issue de original poster. The latest LH Labs driver won't load on Windows 10 Creators Edition (latest) because it isn't signed by Microsoft. That makes my GOV2 pretty much unusable. I was able to downgrade to an old driver and make it work, but the latest drivers don't work.

I have the same issue - Windows 10, driver comes up as unsigned, and Windows won't accept it.
I followed instructions online to temporarily disable driver signing checks, and that let me install it, but that makes the device only show up when I boot into the Windows mode with driver signing checks off. When I boot into normal Windows mode, the device no longer shows up.

Using a Geek Out V1 (1000mw).

Hi Frank and Asher, thank you for the prompt reply. I have informed Larry of this and we are working on a newer driver to resolve this matter. Disabling Driver Enforcement does resolve this but it can be a bit tedious disabling it after a Windows reboot however, not all customers have complained about this after updating, only a handful have but that is indeed enough to require a newer driver for release. This will be posted as soon as it is released!

- Matt

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