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Clarification plz on balanced mode with home stereo systems.

The V2 documentation states this about balanced mode:

"By incorporating a TRRS to XLR cable, the Geek Out V2 can be connected to a home stereo system in full balanced mode."

Does one have to take care that the home stereo system is built for balanced mode? I ask because I would have guessed that the left and right input jacks on most home stereos share a common, which I THINK is a V2-breaking configuration.If that's true, perhaps the "TRRS to XLR" cable does some special signal handling to compensate for a shared common. 

Please clarify.


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To use the balanced output on the V2 unit, you will need to have a stereo system that is balanced capable. Please consult your user manual for the home stereo system to confirm it is or is not balanced capable. 

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