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Is LH Labs Still In Business?

My Geek Pulse died so I opened a support ticket to get it repaired. Seventeen days later not a word from LH Labs. Are they even still in business? These forums are pretty dead, the blog has not been updated in a year, and the web site looks out of date too.

Support Ticket #31385

6 people have this problem

I ordered and paid for DAC over two years ago and still have not received it.

This is a total rip-off!

BBB should know about this operation.


 LH Labs is a Scam!!

No one from LH Labs has ever replied to this topic. I doubt they have read it. Try emailing Larry Ho directly. His email address is larry at

It's time that LH Labs was held accountable to its Source and other backers.  Customer support requests go unanswered, phone calls go to voicemail and return calls never happen. I am disgusted and offended by the way I've been treated, and it seems others are having similar bad experiences. 

Larry, please respond with up-to-date information about Source.  There are enough of us, I imagine, to hire a good law firm to investigate what appears on its face to be fraud, pure and simple.  And while I suspect that's not the preferred approach, it might get your attention when all oher appproaches have failed.  Please don't put us in that position.

Still waiting for my repaired unit, and a refund on my HPA order that should have been delivered over a year ago. Hello is there any life on the other side
Where is my pulse infinity I sent in g or repair? I noticed lhlabs no longer has any products for sale on its Web site. I want to contracted by the bankruptcy administrator to insure I get my personal property returned

Are you guys still alive? #37580 has been open for 18 days now without a reply...I understand its Chinese New Years, but...come on.

Can I get a sign of life?

Hello is anybody there????

I ran the firmware updater in a Windows 7 VM on my Mac Pro and it worked fine for me. First attempt to flash the firmware error'd out but the second attempt was successful. Pulse Xfi working again.

PC only.  I didn't try, but I imagine a Virtual Machine would work fine.  I've had success with VMs and other USB/Serial connected devices.

Is there a mac firmware installer?

I have the Xfi

El Cap broke it, the firmware upgrade fixed it


My Pulse Xfi and LPS are operating fine on my Mac but I never did upgrade to El Capitan.  Reading here, I won't be changing to El Capitan any time soon.

Yeah I have no idea what is going on with this company. Over two years and I still have no idea what happened to my Geek Wave.
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