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Is LH Labs Still In Business?

My Geek Pulse died so I opened a support ticket to get it repaired. Seventeen days later not a word from LH Labs. Are they even still in business? These forums are pretty dead, the blog has not been updated in a year, and the web site looks out of date too.

Support Ticket #31385

7 people have this problem

Ticket is in for 9 days with me.  Pretty sure it's a Ponzi scheme at this point.

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I asked roughly the same question in a thread to which you responded.  While I have seen a very  occasional post from Manny Torres here, I don't think there's much going on here at all.  Remind me never to deal again with a company that won't advertise its mailing address and phone number. 


I purposely made this topic title provocative as test to see if anyone from LH Labs is still reading the support forum. We shall see...

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I sent a Facebook message to LH last Friday. I received a response today with a promise of an RMA "as soon as possible." That is positive, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

My pulse also died, and have also not heard back anything w/ a ticket open for 12 days now.

They say they're still in business.  However, they also say that the Source, for which R&D isn't compete, is going to start shipping in August 2016, so I'm skeptical (to say the least) about anything that LH Labs says.


I heard from tech support today. I have an RMA and will be sending my unit to Roseville for repair.
Ticket #31941, also for a dead Geek Pulse, open for 9 days with no response. Not the way to encourage repeat business.

Support (Matt) finally replied to my ticket, after over three weeks wait. They apologized and said they are behind due to the "high volume level of tickets due to the GO2A Upgrade offer." Pretty lame excuse. They advised me to update the firmware. It will be a challenge, since I don't have a Windows PC and the promised Mac version has never been released, but I'll find a way. (The Mac version was supposedly close to completion a few years ago; typical LH Labs.) 

My conclusion is that LH Labs is still in business, but may well be running on fumes.


As I do to return the geek 1000 and you my money back?

This failed. The clicks continue and more and more.

The geek is hot and even more sound clicks.

It is very unpleasant to hear.

I will not do.

Firmware upgrade resolved the issue of my Mac no longer working with my Geek Pulse Xfi.

@Patricio Gutierrez Olivos - No one from LH Labs reads/responds here it seems, so your request for a refund is not going to be heard.

thank you very much.

you help me?

as I update the firmware on my macbook?

 I had similar issue, my Mac Pro stopped recognizing the Geek Pulse Xfi. Windows PC would see it but would not play audio through it. I put in a support ticket late on Friday, Aug 19th and Matt responded on Aug. 31st with a firmware upgrade. Flashing the firmware took care of the problem and my Pulse Xfi is working again.

thank you very much friend.

the firmware is already updated.

It can be settings that use itunes.

buffer. sound enhancer iTunes preferences.

I answered yesterday matt.

Thank you EDC!

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