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Anybody home?

I haven't read every thread on these forums, but I have read quite a few in the last few days. I have noticed that there are posts from customers, but almost nothing from LH Labs employees in about a year. What's up? Are Manny Torres and Gina Stewart still LH employees? Is anyone else still on LH's payroll except Larry Ho? My Pulse Fi stopped being recognized by my Windows 10 laptop and my Synology NAS alike. Other DACs work with both devices and changing USB cables makes no difference. I opened a ticket, which got an autoresponse, but I haven't had a human respond after a full week. I also emailed the email address from which I got previous emails regarding support issues. I got an autoresponse and nothing more. If no one is left on payroll, I guess that would explain both the lack of posts here and the failures to respond both to ticket and email. Anyone else hear anything from the folks at LH lately?

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I'm having the same issue with my Pulse Xfi and have also gotten no response to my support ticket (17 days waiting). My Pulse worked for about a year. I waited over three years to get it.

I pored over more topics this morning. Manny Torres does appear to be around still, having posted once this month about amps, but he only has posted a time or two per month in the last few months. I still await the Source, even as digital music technology seems to be moving in directions other than disk-based servers. That Manny still is around and posting on occasion offers at least some hope that there is a "there" there at LH. I also reviewed my Indiegogo contributions today, trying to figure out how much I have invested with LH. I discovered that, in the midst of more than a dozen purchases and upgrades, I had paid for an LPS-1 power supply that was not listed on my survey forms and that I never received. I guess I will open a new ticket about this issue. I have to confess that I do not have an expectation of "customer happiness" (to quote LH back in the days in which it was communicating more effectively) after my delay in reporting this issue. Ugh.

9 days in on my ticket and no response.  The V2+ finally arrived but died within 1 day.  And I have $3000 worth of useless shit, geek wave that's never going to come, still with them.  There has to be a way to recover it...

This does smell like impending bankruptcy to me. I have mailed in a request for help on a dead V2, and have got absolutely nothing back on LH Lab's "Ticket Support" system. Nothing.  Just auto responses. The company does not provide an email address, or a customer service phone number. This is unacceptable for any business. I will also inform the publications which reviewed LH Lab's products about my experience, so that they can warn their readers about LH's dysfunctional customer service. 

I used Facebook Messenger to leave a message on Facebook regarding both the lack of response to my tickets and emails. I got a response yesterday morning saying that I would get an RMA for the dead Pulse Fi but there was not a word regarding the undelivered LPS. More than 24 hours later, I still haven't gotten the RMA.
I heard from LH regarding the missing LPS a couple of days ago and then from tech support today. I have an RMA and will be sending in my unit for repair.
Two months later, LH Labs still has the unit, with no updates or ETA for return.


so how does someone expedite or contact anyone?  I have a 4 day old request.

I have been raising tickets regarding the 'Plus' perk on the Source. I'm simply asking what exactly the perk improves to the user experience. My tickets are simply ignored and closed down. There is literally no customer support anymore, and LHL don't care. Why should they? They already have our money.
The lack of responses from LH personnel on this and other forums is pretty concerning. It feels like all that momentum from the campaigns has just turned into a bunch of dead air other than crickets chirping. It also seems strange to have had so many production problems in so many items. Confidence is waning. I was initially pulled in for the Geek Wave portable player...still waiting on this, Source, Vi DAC (tubed) - all of which I tricked out with many additional "perks". I hope to see some return on those investments next year but I have considerably lowered my expectations.

Refund request from PayPal must be done before 180 days after order. This is of no value as ugrades, developments and delays is far beyond a year or more.
Your money may be lost if seller refuse to make refund.
Lets hope that LH-Labs behave serious in this context.

I have the same problem - When I originally donated to Geek Pulse in Fe 2014 I paid $100.00 via PayPal for the opportunity to buy a Pulse for $350.00- when I received the invoice I was told to pay the $350.00 (which I did) and that I could use the original $100.00 at a later date.  Now I want a refund as I don't need anything else.

I opened a support ticket on Dec 4th 2016 and it was closed without an answer 13 days later.  Yeh I know I'm dumb for paying the full price but that will be the last thing I buy from LH and I hope my Geek Pulse keeps working.

We all got cheated

I'm having the same problem. My pulse fi was working with WIN10, and a while back it just stopped playing music.  I have tried everything.  I have a ticket open for over 4 weeks with no response. UGH!!!

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