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Xfi delivery date

Hey guys. I not sure anyone of you have the same trouble that I do. I'm still waiting for of xfi shipment. It's been like 1 year ago. They promise to send me my xfi latest by 2015 September. Since then I try to ask them every month but they keep pushing me away. Until recently they hardly reply my ticket.

I'd complain to the credit card company. I don't think you are ever going to get it.

Do they always cheat people this way or I'm the only one.
I ordered a Pulse XFi back in february 2014 and did not get yet.


Still waiting, needless to say you have lost respect on many forums.

We are born advice to you is to forget about this thing. It's a scam...move on with your life.

This is Matt from the Tech Support Team here at LH Labs. I have been filtering through the forums and had stumbles across this topic. I am sorry to hear you hadn't been shipped your unit (if not already). Good news is, we are in the process of creating our LAST batch of Pulse boards to ship out to the remaining customers! None of you have been forgotten and all will be accounted for! We really do apologize for the long wait and appreciate your time with this! You all should receive an update from Larry sometime soon regarding this matter.

Thank you once again for your patience!

- Matt

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