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Delivery date

Hey guys. I not sure anyone of you have the same trouble that I do. I'm still waiting for of xfi shipment. It's been like 1 year ago. They promise to send me my xfi latest by 2015 September. Since then I try to ask them every month but they keep pushing me away. Until recently they hardly reply my ticket.

Hi  Christ

But they charged my credit card already. Should I report to Paypal and get refund?

PayPal maybe able to do this if it is within 6 months - please check with them but for most of us, beyond 6 months ... PayPal may not of of much use - I had PayPal contacted LH Labs but nothing was heard back from them


I better report to Paypal and apply for refund.

Did anybody phone to LH? 

No body answer my call and my call was transferred to voice mail.

I got paypal refunded. Don't trust LH lab. Never

Congrats TowIngkln

So you were within 6 months then

Any updates


Got cheated by LHlabs
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