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Delivery date

Hey guys. I not sure anyone of you have the same trouble that I do. I'm still waiting for of xfi shipment. It's been like 1 year ago. They promise to send me my xfi latest by 2015 September. Since then I try to ask them every month but they keep pushing me away. Until recently they hardly reply my ticket.

I got same problem with my order geek out V2+ on Oct 2015 and almost one year waiting. And every time I send ticket about that. There is always a very nice replied email from customer service that I have to wait Geek out has To redesign and back in production. And now it is August 2016 there is nothing send to me even a single email Notice about my order status . I don't Know what difference between backer And regular buyer like me who have to Pay whole price. I always want to be nice and understandable but now I Don't know what I am going to do.

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It seems like we are not getting it forever.
Yesterday after posting here to share with you I did send one more ticket to LHLabs. This time I get lucks . Thank you anyway at this last trying. Here is what I received....
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I paid them Thu paypal. Not sure if I can get a refund.

Hi, same problem with Geek Out V2+

I have completed my payment for Geek Out V2+ Pre-Order via Paypal on date 3 June 2015.

Are at least six months that I have not had any notification on the shipping schedule.

Today i've asked with a new ticket if I can have now a reliable date of when will shipped the Geek Out V2 + that I purchased 14 months ago in the pre-order.

I still hope...

Max M you should be able to dispute on Paypal.  I'm having to do that as I need the money for a medical emergency but they haven't replied.  

Haha. It seems like we can never get our items........

maybe could have a class action on this

Waiting for 2 years. Got cheated by LHlabs
We all got cheated haha
I have been waiting for the S100 power amp for more than a year!
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I ordered Light Harmonic's S4D for Telsa on 16 March 17. I send a ticket to LH for one week. No body reply. Anybody, got the same problem?

Not heard from them long time


They did respond to my BBB complaint to BBB but still no reply from them to me


Not sure if this post will be seen either, my recent attempts at contacting people with same issuues sure did not make it to public viewing ...

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