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Delivery date

Hey guys. I not sure anyone of you have the same trouble that I do. I'm still waiting for of xfi shipment. It's been like 1 year ago. They promise to send me my xfi latest by 2015 September. Since then I try to ask them every month but they keep pushing me away. Until recently they hardly reply my ticket.

Got cheated by LHlabs


Any updates

Congrats TowIngkln

So you were within 6 months then

I got paypal refunded. Don't trust LH lab. Never

No body answer my call and my call was transferred to voice mail.

Did anybody phone to LH? 

I better report to Paypal and apply for refund.

PayPal maybe able to do this if it is within 6 months - please check with them but for most of us, beyond 6 months ... PayPal may not of of much use - I had PayPal contacted LH Labs but nothing was heard back from them


Hi  Christ

But they charged my credit card already. Should I report to Paypal and get refund?

Not heard from them long time


They did respond to my BBB complaint to BBB but still no reply from them to me


Not sure if this post will be seen either, my recent attempts at contacting people with same issuues sure did not make it to public viewing ...

I ordered Light Harmonic's S4D for Telsa on 16 March 17. I send a ticket to LH for one week. No body reply. Anybody, got the same problem?
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I have been waiting for the S100 power amp for more than a year!
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