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Windows (Win 10) driver for the GO V2a updated device?

Hi, all.

Just received my GO V2a updated device. Looks very cool! 

However, it is my understanding that the new GO V2a updated device requires a new driver for my Windows (Win 10) system. Is there a place I can get this from?

I looked everywhere obvious and didn't see it - perhaps I missed it?

Thanks in advance!


Sign in with your id and go here.

Look for the 3.26 windows driver.



Thanks. I was already using 3.26 firmware with the previous version of GO V2 and it appears to work just fine with the GO V2A now.

I think my confusion was that I misread the change in firmware in the GO V2A (noted in the upgrade information) as meaning that I needed a new driver for it too. 



Will this same driver work with a V2A Infinity model?


This driver doesn't work on a new Dell Windows 10 laptop. Windows reports a signature error.

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