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Revive crackling noise (not a one-time pop)

Anyone else also hear a lot of crackling sounds from the Revive? Description; I am using an iPhone 6 Plus with the Apple CCK and the LHL's ISB-C cable with the Geek Out v1 1000 directly plugged into the Revive; to use the GOv1 on a battery-powered USB signal regenerator is why I purchased the Revive. To date I have been using a Y-cable that delivers the music signal separately from power to the Geek Out. The Revive and iPhone are fully charged; the Revive is NOT connected to the mini-USB cable either. I checked all the connections to ensure everything is plugged in correctly. I have NOT yet downloaded any drivers onto a PC nor Mac as my primary use-case is to use the Revive with my iPhone; I have plenty of USB power isolators and signal regenerators to use on a desktop. My headphones are plugged into the GO's 3.5mm powered output (i.e., NOT the line-out.). I believe the 3.5mm one plugs into is the one in the right-hand side when looking at both 3.5mm female jacks and the bottom of the GO is facing upward. I prefer to ask others if they have the same situation before I enter a support ticket since the usual experience is to receive a feint-hearted response and a prematurely closed ticket, thereby necessitating the initiation of a new ticket and starting all over again. Is anyone else experiencing the same crackling noise phenomenon? Any troubleshooting ideas of what I should do to test this?

My PC does not "see" the Revive when I plug in the usb a into a usb 3.0 port on the PC. Any ideas?


I believe there is a driver one needs to download.  So far, I use the Revive exclusively with my iPhone; I do not have experience using it with a PC yet.


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