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Vibrato shipping date - any news?

Good morning! I was very happy to hear about the Vibrato Headphones and I placed my order the very same day I received the special offer.

This was the beginning of April, with an expectation to deliver by end of May.

I haven't heard any news since then.

Thanks for any feedback.

Got Vibrato yesterday. Definitely treble focused.

Got mine three days ago. Not bad, really. Not worth the MSRP, but very good sounding to my ears.

When will I get the replacement?

I received mine 15 days ago. Very good sounding for 15$. I waited, but I'm happy, well worth the paid price.

Mine arrived in Europe a few weeks ago. I like them a lot. I have shure 846, 315 and sennheiser hd600. Tested with samsung s7, apple ipod and Pulse xfi  I would say I prefer them to the shure 315. They are punchier in the bass and quite extended. Of course not as as smooth as se846 but it is an unfair comparison. They need a good seal for the pretty good bass to come out which means you really have to insert them as deep as possible. However the nozzle is a bit short so I end up twisting them in with the cable looking up because a part of the body is then almost at the entrance of the canal as the first part of the ear canal has an upward angle ( I think my ear canals are average judging by the fit of other IEM's) . Perhaps some of the bad reviews are because people don't insert them well in which case the bass is AWOL in my experience. I have ordered some comply 500 ear tips which might solve the problem of a normal positioning good seal because the supplied rubber tips  only work for me with if I really push them in after wetting them slightly. I feel their strong suit is the bass and they do need 24 hrs continuous break in order to even out.
So overall
Plus : Great sound for the price, very good bass and extended highs, better sounding than shure 215/315
Minus: Nozzle a bit short/needs deep insertion/rubber tips not ideal   


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