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Vibrato shipping date - any news?

Good morning! I was very happy to hear about the Vibrato Headphones and I placed my order the very same day I received the special offer.

This was the beginning of April, with an expectation to deliver by end of May.

I haven't heard any news since then.

Thanks for any feedback.

Same question here, what is the status? Gr Alwin

Same here

Are we the only ones who have this question?

I have the same question

Same here..!

I have a reply to a mail concerning the Vibrato:

"....The Production department are preparing the rest of the Vibratos for shipment and should conclude by the end of July. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking info within the next few weeks once your order comes up in our shipping queue and is ready to leave our facility."

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I have not received my paid for Vibrato. I have asked numerous times and all reported delivery times have come and gone repeatedly?


I'm in the same boat, now mid August and I haven't heard anything! Any news?
I've been told mine would be shipped one month ago. Same story as Pulse... I should have known.

These guys run on Tesla time.

Same here...I received the same email as Edwin but still no shipping notification...

Ditto! Ordered on the day the offer came out, still waiting! I was thinking of getting a Pulse, so glad I decided against it and have to say I will never back anything of LHLabs again. Too many delays and excuses!

Would love to know when the Vibratos is coming my way too! I was excited to learn that LH Labs was quick to respond to the issues with the Verbs with Vibratos, but this kind of waiting without any information does not feel very apologetic nor customer service oriented.

Last promised shipping date was end of July (after the email of 03 June). Is there a new promised date? Thank you.

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