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Vibrato shipping date - any news?

Good morning! I was very happy to hear about the Vibrato Headphones and I placed my order the very same day I received the special offer.

This was the beginning of April, with an expectation to deliver by end of May.

I haven't heard any news since then.

Thanks for any feedback.

Mine arrived in Europe a few weeks ago. I like them a lot. I have shure 846, 315 and sennheiser hd600. Tested with samsung s7, apple ipod and Pulse xfi  I would say I prefer them to the shure 315. They are punchier in the bass and quite extended. Of course not as as smooth as se846 but it is an unfair comparison. They need a good seal for the pretty good bass to come out which means you really have to insert them as deep as possible. However the nozzle is a bit short so I end up twisting them in with the cable looking up because a part of the body is then almost at the entrance of the canal as the first part of the ear canal has an upward angle ( I think my ear canals are average judging by the fit of other IEM's) . Perhaps some of the bad reviews are because people don't insert them well in which case the bass is AWOL in my experience. I have ordered some comply 500 ear tips which might solve the problem of a normal positioning good seal because the supplied rubber tips  only work for me with if I really push them in after wetting them slightly. I feel their strong suit is the bass and they do need 24 hrs continuous break in order to even out.
So overall
Plus : Great sound for the price, very good bass and extended highs, better sounding than shure 215/315
Minus: Nozzle a bit short/needs deep insertion/rubber tips not ideal   


I received mine 15 days ago. Very good sounding for 15$. I waited, but I'm happy, well worth the paid price.

When will I get the replacement?

Got mine three days ago. Not bad, really. Not worth the MSRP, but very good sounding to my ears.

Got Vibrato yesterday. Definitely treble focused.

I received my Vibratos today, so it looks like they're shipping them.  However.the sound is terrible! Harsh, screeching highs, uneven midrange and NO BASS AT ALL.  

LH Labs has delivered crappy headphones once again.  And they've made a profit on the shipping, too ($15 is more than twice the cost of mailing). 

"Production has been delayed though since this message but we will start to ship as soon as we receive more Vibratos from our factory. We have completed about 70% of all orders. You should see a shipping notification within the next few weeks.(we expect the shipment for the next batch of Vibratos by the end of W2 of September) I apologize for this additional wait and appreciate your patience regarding this. "

...we'll see...

I paid $26 for the Vibratos "gift" to make up for the awful Verb. I immediately regretted paying for another mistake so my plan was to sell the unit upon receipt. Several months have passed and those of us who had the misfortune of buying the Verb and were offered the "gift" of the Vibratos have not received the Vibratos. Meanwhile, you can buy the Vibrato on Amazon without delay. Apparently, this "gift" has turned into another punishment for supporters of the company.


Three weeks ago, I requested a refund of the shipping fees for the "gift". This amounts to $26 USD or $34 CAD. Gina informed me that LH Labs is sorry for the delay and that they will comply with my request for refund within 5 business days. 3 weeks later and several requests for updates later (after 10 days had passed) and I am getting completely ignored by LH Labs. I will never buy anything from this company again! Lesson learned.

Same over here, i ordered immediately and because shipment did not arrive and getting no update from LH i opened already two tickets. The answer was always the same.

Poor service.

Paul Zeisler, I got a similar line from Gina on the 11th of August of a few weeks. That's three weeks ago, now add another "Few weeks". Depends what you interpret a few weeks to mean I guess. Think we will receive a shipment notice by Christmas?

Oh, my, don't make me remember the Verbs. My wife is using them for an English online course... That's the only job that those "audiophile" IEMs can do.

I received a response yesterday from Gina, who advised that they're awaiting a new shipment from the factory, and that I should expect a shipping notice in the next few weeks.

When I asked why I can buy the Vibratos through Amazon for immediate delivery, she responded:

"We have offered the Vibrato to our retail lines and this stock is not available to ship to replacement backers."  In other words, we're not a priority, even though we long ago paid for shipping (and the thoroughly bogus Verbs).  

So much for customer happiness.

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I got a response from Gina, saying that they are awaiting a new shipment and that I should expect a shipping notice in the next few weeks.

When I asked why I can buy these now through Amazon for immediate delivery, Gina  responded:

          "We have offered the Vibrato to our retail lines and this stock is not available to ship to replacement           backers."

In other words, those of us who bought the thoroughly bogus Verbs and paid for shipping the Vibrato replacements in April aren't a priority to LH Labs.  So much for customer happiness.

There are a number of very good and inexpensive raspberry-pi based solution for hi-res playing or for streaming. In addition to the pi-core player project, you can also look into Volumio or Rune Audio or Moode Audio.

I tried all of them (they have actually a lot in common coming from the same "root") and I'm now personally recommending Moode, because of the much improved user interface, ease of configuration and continuous and regular updates from the developer.

It 's now at version 2.6.


I sincerely hope they have not gone out of business and I still hoper to recive the vibrato.

If not.... I lost 15$.

Having said that, my personal experience with LHLabs, has been very un-satisfying, even worse than a previous crowd-funding experience I had with Olive (for the Olive One media player).

More in general I'm now convinced that, despite the hype that it received,  the crowd-funding business model is not working at all. I personally will never ever invest a single cent in any crowdfunding adventure.

By the time the "crowd-funded" product is delivered, on the market you can usually find better specified products, made by more reputable companies and very often at more convenient prices!

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