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How to know where I stand in the Pulse DAC shipping queue?

I would like to ask the LH Labs team how can we all check where we stand on the shipping queue and when can we get daily updates on the number of units shipped. I believe the Pulse Campaign has been dragging on too long.

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I am also waiting for my Pulse. My original order dates back to November 2014.

Sadly, this is not the only campaign I am involved in with this company.

Me too from November 2014. I am worried that I will never get my unit.

The generic message comes again and again from support/customer service. "Our production team is working on it and will ship by the end of the month... you will receive notification.... blah blah blah".

What happened to Larry and Gavin who was committed to the Pulse project back in 2013. I'm getting more and more disappointed.

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