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Vibrato Headphone Shipping

So I was offered a "free" Vibrato IEM to make up for the junk that was sent to me previously - junk headphones that sounded awful and fell apart after a few weeks of use!

Initially I was pretty happy about that - until I noticed the US$25 to ship to New Zealand!!!  What a complete rip off.  How big and heavy are these in ear monitors?  To put this into perspective I just had a 1kg package measuring 26cm × 16cm × 12cm sent from US to NZ for US$15.50.

So these headphones aren't free and what I suspect is they are covering the manufacturing costs completely with the exorbitant shipping costs.  Nice way to treat a loyal backer that has spent a very large amount of money on products I am mostly still waiting to receive.

Oh and I did ask if they could simply place the headphones into one of the many boxes I'm still waiting on.  You'd think it would be possible given they will be including all the cables I'm waiting on.  BUT NO, of course that's not possible.  They'd actually be free then!?!

Well done LH Labs - you've pretty much lost me as a future customer once and for all.

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