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Clarification on the

Hi. Regarding balanced mode, the V2's instructions say at one point:

"By incorporating a TRRS to XLR cable, the Geek Out V2 can be connected to a home stereo system in full balanced mode."

However, suppose I have an older home stereo system. I'm guessing that the left and right channels share a common. If so, will this defeat the purpose of the balanced source?


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You are correct.

If your home stereo does not include a 4-pin XLR input or a pair of stereo 3-pin XLR inputs, then this would defeat the purpose of using the Balanced output on your GO V2

I do have balanced headphones and I do have balanced inputs on my stereo and I highly favor balanced over single-ended. I have the ability to plug the same headphone into the SE port and then the Balanced port to compare. It's a profound different on many recordings.

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