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Waiting a week for an RMA?

I have a defective Geek Pulse and I have been waiting a week to get an RMA. Why is this taking so long. No one responds to my support ticket?


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Going on 6 weeks for a V2 issue.  

Going on 5 weeks for me.  A week ago I opened another support ticket to get a status update on the original support ticket.  They merged it with the original ticket and closed it without responding.  No explanation was given and no further communication has been received.


So LHLabs is throwing in the towel on product support? What is one to make of this? Are they going out of business?

I am beginning to wonder if the basic Geek Pulse is fundamentally flawed (firmware, hardware)? Is this a broken design from the beginning?

Right now my Geek Pulse has dead RCA outputs, wildly inaccurate volume control (even after power cycle), and frequent audio dropouts. I could probably fix the RCA problem if its a wiring problem but I am hesitant if LHLabs will honor their warranty and actually fix my Geek Pulse?

Lots of question marks???

Has anyone attempted a phone call or are actual voice communication verboten?


I'm going on 2 months for aluminum v2+ case that is not glued properly.

Well I just discovered that I can't connect via Windows. Drivers don't see Pulse. I have a second newer Pulse and I can connect just fine so it's not a computer/user error. So here are my problems so far:

  1. Pulse won't connect to Windows computer with latest drivers
  2. RCA outputs dead
  3. Frequent signal dropouts
  4. Wild or un-responsive volume knob flucuations
Even with all this, LHLabs can't  muster the will to issue an RMA and take a look for themselves. At this point I would like a motherboard replacement. It's now over 2 weeks and counting with no RMA?


I waited five weeks to get a RMA number for a defective SPDIF on an Infinity.

Ultimately I made contact with Larry who expedited things.

Similar case here, 2 weeks, and still counting, ever since the RMA team took over.

Problem: USB connection can no longer be detected. And was hoping to get things fixed before receiving the Source.

I have been waiting for more than 3 months. 94 days to be exact

Great job LHLABs, give yourself a big pat on your shoulder. Thank you for keeping us waiting for who knows how long. Amazing support!

Tomorrow marks 2 months since ticket merged and assigned to Manny with no response.  And I used to look forward to my Geek Wave :-(

I sent my LPS for repair 4 months ago. No news since. Wouldn't be surprised if this company went belly up soon.

5 weeks and still waiting for a response. Too bad customer service and build quality isn't up to the level of the sound quality :(

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