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Internal upsampling in the Xfi

My Xfi/LPS is fed 192 kHz and or DSD128 input with software based upsampling  with HQPlayer on a Mac Mini. I prefer to skip the internal filters of the Xfi. 

Is 192 kHz (and higher sampling rate) further upsampled in the Xfi using one of the selectable filters? How can I turn this off to have the Xfi provide no upsampling?

The ESS DAC has a built-in asynchronous resampler designed to remove jitter from the incoming signal. At which target frequency the ESS DAC actually works "best" is an interesting design question.

The filters are orthogonal to the resampling being applied and the filtering applied here is required for a digital audio device... Different filter have different trade-offs but you will need some filter to get rid of the ultrasonic byproducts of the D/A conversion.

Now it would be nice to now at what target frequency the ESS DACs in the Xfi are working? Anyone from LHlabs care to comment?




Understood. My question was poorly posed.

I use HQPlayer and Dirac Live which filter and process the audio signal as 176.4 or 192 kHz PCM with some DSD128 as well. I do not want the Sabre chip and its circuitry in the Xfi to upsample/filter the signal from upstream, in my case a reclocked signal from AES input after USB to AES conversion and reclocking.

Question to LHLabs (are you still there?) -  how does the Xfi handle 176.4 and 192 kHz input in regard to upsampling and filtering?

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