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Ticket resolution wait times?

I have a new GOV2+ whose plates were peeling off right out of the box.  Opened a ticket and got responses in a reasonable amount of time until a month ago at which point, all communication cut off.  I know of at least one other person who has run into this.  Are others running into this as well?  Manny asked me a question which I responded to within minutes, and then silence.

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My GO V2+ infinity metal plates did the same thing. Thats what happens when they don't opt for a screw on top like the rest of the audiophile world. Still waiting after 17 days for them to confirm my RMA number and shipping back to them :/

Yep, I've been working with Matt to get an RMA issued for my Geek Pulse Xfi (which is basically usable at this point).  He was very responsive up until about a month ago.  Now nothing...even after multiple emails.  Not sure what's going on at LH, but it's definitely worrisome.  I'm debating opening another support ticket to get an update on my current ticket.  Don't know what else to do...

They've had a cable of mine since November -- very responsive until mid--December, and now I can't get any response whatsoever.

Does anyone know if there is a way to contact these folks by telephone?

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