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What is your source for your VI DAC?

I just received my VI DAC and now need to contemplate a source device.  I don't want to use my desktop (in a different room) and I don't have a personal notebook computer.  I've thought about a quiet NAS unit. 

What are you using and what is the best source?

What VI DAC input is best?


I am using both a SOTM SMS-1000u server through the USB input and a Squeezebox Touch through the coax. I have a W4S Remedy on the coax side and a W4S Recovery on the USB input. Since they are two very different devices, I can't assess the relative quality of the inputs, but I don't think the Touch ever has sounded better - and this is the fourth DAC through which I have played it.

Thanks Mike, I'll check out the SOTM SMS-1000u.

Anyone else have recommendations?

mac mini, jriver, remote is good

I stated:  "I don't want to use my desktop (in a different room) and I don't have a personal notebook computer."  Therefore, NO computer contemplated.


Anyone?  I need suggestions, please.


A recent trend is rpi3 running volumio2 or rune audio with a hifiberry digi+ and coax. And for storage a USB attached hard drive or nas. You were kind of a jerk last time I gave you a suggestion :p
James, it's too easy to call names on the net.  I indicated no computer and thought you "kind of a jerk" for posting "mac mini" as if to say "I don't care that you don't want to use a computer, it's what I use".  Thank you for the new good suggestion, however - I'll dig into it.  On another forum, someone suggested a HAL MS-3 PC Music Server and someone else suggested:  "I think the upcoming Sonore microRendu ($640, without power supply) looks to be very, very promising and I'm betting (hoping) it will knock it out of the park from a value proposition."


I found that an intona between the raspberry pi 2 and my pulse infinity makes up for all sins of the pi.  Whole set up is ~$300 and is headless so it works in more environments.

Thanks Hunter, I've seen some pi info on Audio Circle and will look into this "intona".


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