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Anyone else still waiting for their Pulse Xfi?


Fell like I'm the only one still the only one waiting for my Pulse Xfi... anyone else in the same boat?

Where can you find the latest production and shipping update - last one is from October 2015.


could the list of people still waiting for a pulse XFI (among other things) be published so we can at least check the list to see if we are on it, and LHL recognises that we are still waiting? I have no issues of them posting names of people./list of devices they have been promised but are still waiting for.  At least we might see some movement is someone, even its not ourselves, getting something, it would be a little reassuring that all is not lost.....

I'll run that by Larry and get his take on it. 

 I'm still waiting


After checking with LHlabs support patiently every 6 months. This is what I receive when I informed LHlabs that BigCommerce isn't reflecting my order:

I am not finding your order in my system. Can you send me a receipt or screenshot of your orders so I can add them to our system for you? 

1 person likes this no longer even has an account for me, but I'm still waiting, too.

We're now into the 4th year since I ordered my Pulse. The only thing I've received are annual reminders that it's only weeks away.


Amazing patience! Anyway it remains a good sounding dac/amp even though it has been surpassed in features and price/quality ratio (dsd, mqa etc) by at least 10 products available at retail.


care to list those 10?  Since I may have to resort to an alternative if LH LABS falls through - would be good to know your opinion (or others) on similar/better DACs that would be somewhat affordable...

Thanks and appreciate in advance any responses!


Probably at the top would be chord mojo , schiit jotunheim, ifi micro which have tons of positive critic and user reviews.
Wadia di322. This is what I am using now after geek never got delivered
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