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Anyone else still waiting for their Pulse Xfi?


Fell like I'm the only one still the only one waiting for my Pulse Xfi... anyone else in the same boat?

Where can you find the latest production and shipping update - last one is from October 2015.


Lol! We need it

Any updates on anything?

Would be nice!
Had been waiting for 4 years and nothing happen. My money just got cheated

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Annnnd still nothing. Come on Larry! FFS tell us SOMETHING! Hell, lie to us. At least it would be something

It has been nearly 4 years. Had given up hope. Totally got cheated

Sometimes their stupidly named 'Customer Happiness' team come on here and make all kinds of promises, talking the talk and then like politicians NOT walking the walk. All a bunch of con artists. It's hopeless getting any morality out of a politician but here with LHLabs I think it  is high time for a class action lawsuit.

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Man. This is so aggravating. I’ve tried to be like in Frozen and just ‘let it go’ but I really hate being ripped off. That Larry is totally fine with forgetting about us and just taking our money is honestly one of the worst parts. I believed in Larry. I believed he was one of the best audio engineers. I believed he wanted to deliver us an outstanding product. I really don’t anymore. Sucks.
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