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Anyone else still waiting for their Pulse Xfi?


Fell like I'm the only one still the only one waiting for my Pulse Xfi... anyone else in the same boat?

Where can you find the latest production and shipping update - last one is from October 2015.


I'm still waiting, too. I get some vague updates via the indiegogo update emails, but nothing concrete on the Xfi model. I made my indiegogo pledge in December of 2014; I could have been enjoying a Schiit stack for a long time.

To add insult to injury, I picked up the Geek IEM during the hype of the campaign.They turned out to be garbage.

Still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too. I want to know how many people that joined in Indiegogo project and still not get their items? They should have any update from LHlabs about the shipping process since the last update is 5 months ago.
Here is their answer

"Hello Nicolas,

I apologize for the delay in your Pulse unit shipping out. The latest batch of boards that were delivered to us had a 88% failure rate. We do have you on file and will be able to ship your unit out once we receive our replacement boards in house. Unfortunately at this time our production team is behind schedule in delivering the units. The new boards have just arrived and our tech team are testing them and can start the shipping process W4 March.

Current estimations in regard to your unit and your date of purchase as to where you are in our shipping queue is W4 March to W2 April 2016. We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver you a quality product.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns."

However you look at it it is a cock up -as the british would say- in terms of production. The pulse has still not been delivered to all backers more than a year after starting shipping. I  backed another tech audio product (bluetooth speaker) about the same time on indiegogo and while there were a couple of months delays in finalising production at the end it was shipped/delivered to all backers within a few weeks!!! How did they do it?

I did get one of the two pulses I ordered (one vanilla) delivered in December but it was for a friend. I see a lot of pulses being sold used or new on headfi already at less than the crowdfunding price so in terms of "investment" it is already a loss despite the low crowdfunding price. While it may not be exactly obsolete as some have said it is already behind the curve in terms of price/performance ratio as very many similar and good sounding products have already been made available during the last year. I would not go as far as saying that LHlabs are a rip off or that they are dishonest but for sure they made some very bad managerial decisions which were compounded by a certain amount of "bad luck". 


Thanks for that information, Nicholas. Were you part of the Q4 2014 Indiegogo campaign or the earlier one?

I think I pledged around Nov. 2014 so I was not an early backer but that is no excuse for extreme delays. As I said before I backed another product then (mass fidelity) which was at an even earlier stage of development at that time and it was delivered in December with only a few months delay from original shipping start prediction. 


Still waiting here as well from Australia.

I gotta say this has left a really bitter taste in my mouth and I no longer participate in these crowdfunding campaigns.

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I agree. I just got scammed by another campaign and I mean for real. The Joggy security camera. The company just disappeared after getting funded and Indiegogo is saying to the backers there is no refund but to exercise their legal rights vs the nonexistent company. They have absolutely no responsibility.
My two other crowdfunding experiences also were not satisfactory. A bluetooth speaker and a fitness tracker. The bluetooth speaker as I mentioned before was delivered as expected but did not perform up to my expectations. The product was returned and the company refunded me - good for them.The company with the fitness tracker was fully funded but decided not to produce the product and refunded as well.
So in conclusion 1 scam/complete loss , 1 extremely delayed product, 1 underperforming and 1 cancelled.   


How should we know this campaign not scammed us. It so long after closed the funding and if that so how can we refunded?

Many of us are still waiting... I've received standard template responses whenever I open a support ticket. 

So they promised shipping w4 March to w 2 April. Now it is almost w2 in May and I have no shipping notification.....
Got mine, finally!, a little over a week ago. I'm sure you're next in line. Given the overall delay, it was worth the wait, the performance of the unit is impressive. Time will tell though.
They stateed that my pulse infinity will be shipped w2 of May. But I have not got any notification yet! I am no happy why Amazon have 10 pulse infinity (new chassis) for sale while we still need to wait? I am waiting for almost 3 years!
I just got notified 2 days ago that it is on its way. So I guess its only a matter of a couple of weeks for everybody to get their pulses.


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