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on board usb vs. offboard usb on desktop

can you recommend if using the offboard usb connection (MB to USB connector via internal wiring harness) will result in inferior sound to the directly connected USB (Connected to MB via soldered pins)?

Is there enough jitter correction on the Geek out V2 to handle to interference generated on the internal cables?

Thanks for any thoughts...

Phil Kemp

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I'm running a Geek Pulse hooked to a Windows PC and tried the rear USB ports soldered to the motherboard as well as the front case ports which use a wiring harness attached to a USB header.  Ended up using the front USB ports with the wiring harness as they sounded as good as if not better than the rear ones.  Your DAC is different and motherboards vary  but I wouldn't worry about the offboard USB provided that the wiring is reasonably short and shielded.

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