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Wanting to use the balanced out on the V2+

I have many different headphones and I would like to use at least one of them with the balanced out on my V2+.  Where would I find a balanced cords that will work on any of my headphones?

I have headphones from: Beyerdynamic, Oppo, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony, Grado, and Audio-Technica 

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These days you will have to have a cable custom made. The balanced connector on the LH Labs portable products is a 3.5mm TRRS with the connections being: L+ R+ L- R-. This is the same as the HiFiMan products. One of my favorite sources of custom headphone cables is BTG Audio: Brian is easy to work with, uses good but not crazy wire and parts and sells his products for reasonable prices. Check out his website and send him an email asking about custom cables for your favorite headphones. J.P.
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